Glacier Mobile Endpoint Communications


Bespoke communication solutions for C-Suite, executives, teams, and individuals

A full-service secure, end-to-end encrypted, and anonymous communication solution. We empower our clients to work at home and in nations throughout the world with confidence that their associations, communications, data, devices and intellectual property are secure and protected. 


End-to-end encrypted messaging, calls & files

Chat, send voice messages, create group conferences, and make voice calls through multiple layers of encryption all locked within a unique, private, and never-shared, trusted enclave.

Device Management

Our Device Management dashboard gives you insight into your devices no matter where they are located. Create compliance rules, remotely locate and wipe devices, lock and change PINs, and automatically remove unapproved applications.

Moving Target Defense

Private networks continually shifts over time to increase complexity and cost for attackers, limit the exposure of vulnerabilities and opportunities for attack, and increase system resiliency.

Whiteglove Service

Our team is uniquely qualified to assist organizations providing a secure communications suite to keep intellectual property private both in and outside the office. Glacier provides each client a dedicated support team with 24x7 availability.


Glacier Mobile Endpoint Communications delivers


Voice Features

  • End-to-end encrypted voice calls

  • Open and private conferences

  • Encrypted global out of network calling

  • Pick your own external number

  • Private calling mode (No Caller ID)

  • Create call trees and Interactive Voice Responses (IVR)


Messaging Features

  • End-to-end encrypted 1:1 and group chats

  • Open & invite-only group chats

  • Encrypted group file pinning

  • Shared contact lists and customizable teams

  • Customizable status messages

  • Disappearing message timers

  • Message archiving

  • Location sharing

  • Multi-device message syncing


Security Features


Glacier Tier-1 Kits


Preconfigured Glacier kits support your travel, event, or operation.

Eliminate the need to procure expensive hardware and long setup times. The Glacier Tier-1 kits are highly configurable and available for short and long term leases.

Tier-1 Devices

  • Apple iPhone, iPad, and iWatch

  • Google Pixel and Pixelbook

  • Ubiquiti UVP VoIP phones


  • Global connectivity with eSIM

  • SAT hotspots


  • Hard travel cases

  • Cables

  • Batteries